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We have added new training features specifically to mimic what is seen on TV's American Ninja Warrior show. So now you can workout like a Ninja!


New Ninja Training Features

Equipment, accessories, and exercises can be scalable for all ages and ability levels.The MoveStrong Nova XL arch bridge is ideal for those seeking more overhead multi-height space for modalities and exercises that both adult and youth can take advantage of for bodyweight functional fitness training.  

Some new Ninja training optional features offered for your custom built Nova Functional Training Station include:

  • Cliff Hanger at multiple height and grip options
  • Ring Toss at varied heights
  • Cannonball Alley with different size globe grips
  • Traveling Rings
  • Peg Board
  • The Revolver Pull-up Bar
  • Cargo Net
  • Salmon Ladder
  • Unstable Bridge
  • Crash mats for safe landing from falls are available

This video shows the MoveStrong Nova XL Functional Training Station IN ACTION AND customized with NinjaStrong features:

  • Salmon Ladder

  • Cannonball Alley- Hanging Gobes

  • Unstable BridgE

  • Ring Toss- Globe Side Rail

  • Cliff Hanger

  • The RevolVER Pull-up bar

  • arch Monkey Bars, and more!


taking you to new heights with the salmon ladder


Geo Floor obstacles

A combination of different geometric shapes designed to be configured with connectors for creating endless courses for balance, agility, parkour, ninja, primal movement, and plyometric training. 


Quality, American Made

All Geo Floor Obstacles are hand crafted and offered with a charcoal color stain to help minimize signs of wear and dirt.


Choose Finish, Size, and Configurations

Bound, vault, leap, step, hop, balance, and crawl your way across, up, and over from each obstacle to the next. Choose from different Geo Link connectors to adjoin the obstacles with a Link Balanced beam, Link bar, or Link Tilting Beam. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 6.13.08 AM.png

The Stackable Vault

Three individual trapezoid shaped tiers that can be stacked. Use individually or place one on top of the other for desired height up to 4 feet tall. Great for use as vault boxes and parkour style exercise. Each tier allows the Link Connectors.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 6.14.50 AM.png

The Cube

Offers different heights depending side Cube it is placed on floor. Allows two heights for Geo Link Connectors. Cubes are great for plyometric training as well.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 6.19.08 AM.png


Offer a challenge with the large angled surface. Use individually to create quintuple steps for ninja warrior training. Place back-to-back for an up-and-over floor obstacle. Offers two different connector heights for Geo Link Connectors. Open backside acts as a storage compartment