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Functional Fitness Equipment

Fitness is taking a different, interesting shift. In the last five years, we’ve seen people doing more functional type of training.
— Phillips 66 Wellness Coordinator, Sarah Green

bodyweight & freeform tools

For Performing Resistance Exercises


At MoveStrong, our philosophy has always been about using the basics of bodyweight and freeform tools to perform resistance exercises. We stand behind the science that those who move more efficiently will develop truly useful strength.

That is why we specialize in creating tools that progress functional fitness and support scalability for all levels.

Functional Indoor Training

Functional Indoor Training

Indoor FTS

Outdoor Fitness Solutions with T-Rex and FitGround

Outdoor Fitness Solutions with T-Rex and FitGround

Outdoor FTS

Bodyweight Training Tools

Bodyweight Training Tools

Training Tools

the NOVA FTS Functional Training Station

We have come full circle, and are once again back to where the definition of being fit means having the strength, balance, mobility, agility, and muscular endurance to handle any task, just like our earliest forefathers.

the new nova xl arch bridge

Functional Training Station For ample space

Well you asked and we listened! The new MoveStrong Nova XL Arch Bridge was designed at the request for more open space under a multi-height suspended bridge. 

The Nova XL for Larger Floor Plans

The Nova XL for Larger Floor Plans

The XL

The Nova XL is ideal for those facilities with the floor space to provide countless amount of functional fitness exercises

Add-on Suspension Tools

Add-on Suspension Tools

Overhead Modalities

The XL allows for more overhead modalities for suspending fitness tools such as Climbing ropes, rings, grip training tools, Aerial Yoga hammocks and Silks, suspension trainers, boxing/MMA heavy bags, and more.

Feature-packed indoor FTS Solution

Feature-packed indoor FTS Solution

Packed with Features

The lower bridge rails of the Nova XL offer training options to include pull-up bars, Globe Grip rails, U-Loops accessory attachment points, Sliding Track for hanging and moving as needed fitness tools such as Heavy Bags and suspension trainers. 

You have to be able to step onto things and step down from things. MoveStrong equipment mimics that perfectly. The only thing that limits you out here is your imagination. So take advantage of it, be creative and have fun.
— Ward 4 Councilor Dr. Joseph Callahan

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THE elite Storage rack

Storage + Training In One Solution

Integrated functional training features available in a rack? We've made our  newest Elite Rack both a ”functional” storage and training solution. Maximize floor space with the best in storage solutions and training features into one system!


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