It's Not Your Kid's Fitness Equipment

You remember the jungle gyms you climbed all over when you were a kid. Now you watch your own kids play on them with seemingly no effort. You may not have realized the fitness benefit a jungle gym had when you were younger, but you sure do now.

Outdoor Fitness for Your Home

Outdoor fitness circuit equipment has long been seen in parks and on trails. Now you can set up a circuit of your very own in your backyard. Bring out the little kid in you while improving your strength, endurance, balance and overall fitness level all while having fun doing it. The possibilities are endless when you design your own outdoor jungle gym fitness circuit. Monkey bars, climbing rope, chin up bars, dip station, ab bench, rings and climbing bars are just some of your many options. Designed to endure the toughest weather elements, the outdoor equipment allows you year-round access to the best bodyweight exercises. Everything is customizable for each individual's fitness and skill level. Jungle gym fitness equipment is perfect for home use, and ideal for fitness boot camps, schools and parks.

Something Different

Get out of your dull exercise rut. You can do more and get better results using your own body weight on a circuit that leaves you exhilarated. Working out was never like "œworking" when you were a kid, and it shouldn't seem like work now that you're an adult. Get outside and play and work hard at the same time. The possibilities of your configuration are only limited by the amount of space you have, so get the bars, ropes and stations you want for a fun fitness experience.