Cobra Rope Grips

Cobra Rope Grips

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A specially designed MoveStrong grip strength tool that is ideal for use on pull-up bars, resistance bands, and as a cable attachment. The Cobra grip is sleeve covered rope for durability with a wood ball stop to offer the ability to grasp at different positions that will allow for varying the level of difficulty in maintaining a strong grip while performing exercises. 

Some pull-up bar exercises:

  • Varied grip pull-ups
  • Jumping pull-ups
  • Recline Pulls/Rows
  • Single arm row with rotation to reach
  • Static grip hanging holds
  • Knee-ups/ L-Sits
  • Tricep extension

Some cable/resistance band exercises:

  • Rotation and Chop variations 
  • Grip strength pulls/rows
  • Pull-to-push with rotation
  • Pallof pressing

Key Features

- Nylon webbing loop to secure around pull-up bar, use as attachment to cables and resistance bands

- 3' length for more exercises and grip position options

- 1.5" diameter sleeve covered rope grip

- 3" diameter wood ball stop

- Less restrictive and free range of movement when used with bands or cables compared to a fixed bar

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MoveStrong offers various grip tools for improving ones grip strength to progress to more challenging obstacles. Great for Calisthenics, rock climbing, wrestling, mma, obstacle course, and ninja warrior training. This tutorial video gives a progression of the MoveStrong grip tools.