Outdoor Functional Fitness Training Tools

MoveStrong offers some functional fitness tools dedicated for outdoor use. While these products may be used for indoor also, they are built to weather outdoor elements for use year-around. Using the same materials and special multi-stage coating process as all the MoveStrong FitGround outdoor products, these tools are built to last. Available is many colors to chose from

Outdoor Farmers Walk Logs - One of the best ways to develop total body strength with emphasis on mountain size shoulders, back, and arms. Core strength and grip strength come hugely into play as you walk holding the Farmer Logs. A popular strongman exercise that you can scale to your own ability by adding weight to the plate horns and/or filling the inside of the logs. That's right! These logs have a plug that can be removed and filed with steel shot for added weight. So if Olympic plates are not available for outdoors, you can add weight in the fillable log.

Outdoor SledgeBell- a.k.a Steel Mace is a strength training tool for perfuming a variety of functional fitness exercises. Ideal for use with striking a tire for strength & conditioning as it's round head allows for a more even rebound off a tire when struck. It is also great for Mace training for various swings and strongman exercises. Perform different functional strength exercises as well with rotational and core movements, lunges, squats, and more. A truly veritable tool for training outdoors.

The SledgeBell is fillable! Add steel shot using the provided allen wrench to unscrew the plug and fill with desired amount of steel shot. A great way to increase resistance for your exercises being performed.

Outdoor Drive Sled -Strength & Conditioning training doesn't get much better than using a drive sled to develop power and serious leg strength. Super effective at burning fat with interval conditioning with sled pushes, pulls, backpedals, and other fun locomotive exercises