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Gold's Gyms of Northern VA host MoveStrong Staff Training and Workshop

MoveStrong was on-site to conduct a In-Service workshop for Gold's Gym Herndon, VA. The Functional Training workshop was a intro to MoveStrong philosophy of training along with hands-on demonstration of MoveStrong functional fitness equipment. Exercise progressions and regressions were reviewed with programing ideas and format for group training classes.

The following day a MoveStrong Group Functional Training workout was led for three Gold's Gym facilities to help trainers better understand programing and exercise instruction to launch the newly dedicated functional training area.


Gold's Gym Northern Virginia locations launch a newly dedicated space designed specifically for personal and team training utilizing MoveStrong Functional Fitness Equipment! Group training sessions with different classes to emphasize total body functional fitness, HITT training, power & strength, along with more specialty sessions to come as the programs evolve and grow with members interest and participation.