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Elevated Bodyweight Training for Mobility, Stability and Strength Level 1 - Mobility & Stabilization

Course summary

This hands-on course will teach the principles of bodyweight training with an overhead anchored tool to improve functional strength/mobility, core stability, and biomechanics of human movement to maximize performance. The fitness professional will learn how freedom of movement, through multiple planes of motion and dynamic stabilization, come together in elevated bodyweight training to provide total body activation that cannot be experienced using a traditional training apparatus. The course will also teach modifications (progressions and regressions) for safe and scalable movements appropriate for all fitness levels and abilities.


Course Details

This course is designed to provide evidence-based research to increase basic understanding of human movement and biomechanics using the MoveStrong Elevate Trainer and all attachments.  The fitness professional will understand how elevated bodyweight training tools can be used to improve strength, and endurance, assess clients, progress and regress exercises based on fitness abilities, and improve mobility using movement in every plane of motion.