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The Best of Functional Fitness Training at final Summit 2016

The final Perform Better functional training summit of 2016 was held in August at Long Beach, CA. MoveStrong exhibited their newest training tools and Elite Storage Rack system design for organizing all functional training products and provide dedicated training stations within the rack! 

Here are a few shots of the action at another great 3-day event to close out the year for the summit series. 

Top fitness and wellness educators were on hand to lecture and lead hands-on workshops for attendees. MoveStrong had the pleasure of meeting and demonstarting the latest functional fitness products availble to the attendees as well s conducting group workouts. 

Here is a video clip showing some of the highlights na d products demonstrated at the event featuring the MoveStrong patented DyanBell, the functional training dumbbell, the DSL bar a functional training trap bar, Adjustable Parallel bars, M3 Bars, Ground Rotational Trainer handle, the all new complete suspension training tool The elevate Trainer, hanging globe grips, and Cobra grips! Learn more and see all these functional fitness training tools at