Schools and Universities Fitness Equipment

We specialize in offering high quality fitness equipment for middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities. Our equipment are perfect in design and biomechanical excellence, ensuring that our clients have the best experience utlizing functional fitness exercise for individual or group workouts. 

While struggling hard in the studies and aiming to achieve excellence in academics, we enable the students to cultivate healthy lifestyle. A sound mind rests in a healthy body. So, for mental sense of well being, it is essential to be physically fit. We give an opportunity to the educational institutions to invest in our unique and custom specialty fitness equipment. This would also help cut away the issue of absenteeism and build more camaraderie amongst students.  

Our diverse range of fitness equipment allows the students to carry out various style of exercises utilizing functional fitness training that builds true strength for life demands while enhance balance, agility and conditioning levels for more stamina. To create an interactive, enthusiastic, and joyous ambience, MoveStrong will assist in design and layout of both indoor and outdoor training area and offer the ability to customize equipment with colors, logos, and size for each school.

To satisfy diversity of users, our blend of specialty gym equipments include-

  •  Outdoor Training
  •  Obstacle Course
  •  Climbing Walls and Ropes
  •  Pull-Up and Monkey Bars
  •  Calisthenics Training
  •  Balance and Agility Obstacles
  •  Suspension Bodyweight Training
  • Squat Racks and Platforms
  • Self Powered Treadmills
  • Stall Bars and Wall Mount Equipment
  • Functional Fitness Accessories
  • Dumbbells, DynaBells, and KettleBells
  • Fitness Storage Racks
  • Self Power Traedmills

With us, there are varieties of options available for design and layout of the exercise equipment at your schools or universities. Our USA manufactured and customizable designed equipment will provide schools with the most enjoyable workout experience. Contact us to discuss your desired equipment and training areas.