The Arch Bridge Modular

Our patented design of the Nova XL is infinitely expandable for creating modular XL bridges stacked sid-by-side or end-to-end to create the size and training options needed for the ultimate in Functional Fitness, Obstacle Course, and Ninja Warrior style of training!

Like all our FTS models, configure size with the optional features desired based on YOUR training needs. 

More NEW training features and tools available for the FTS models and Pull-up bracket system :

  • Cliff Hangers- 2 heights and 2 Cliff hanger grip styles

  • Peg Board- for horizontal peg climbing

  • Ring Toss- we have a varied height option

  • Cannonball alley- Hanging globes that vary in size

  • Staggered height monkey bars- Adjust monkey bars at different height for more challenge.

  • Traveling Rings- Swing from ring to ring suspended from monkey bars

  • Swinging balance Disc- Ropes suspended with balance disc to transverse across

  • Horizontal Rope Climb




Customize with the features you choose.


KICKPLATE and Medicine ball target- NOVA™ FTS feature center section. Ideal for bodyweight exercises and medicine ball throws

ROPE LADDER - is part of the Stall Bar center section of the NOVA™ FTS.  A pair of oversized tube 7' training rope ladders for varied rope pull exercises. 

HIGH ANCHOR POINT - with the NOVA FTS™ Arch bridge and Climber bar feature the added height is ideal for anchoring climbing ropes and gymnastic rings

ADJUSTABLE DIP and STEP - NOVA FTS™ feature for pillars. Solid and stable dip and step platform to choose as pillar add-ons.

A new feature available for the Nova Functional Training Station by MoveStrong. A 10' span horizontal bridge of monkey bars can be added to any side of the NOVA FTS. The monkey bars can placed at varied heights to offer staggered climbing of bars.

Nova XL with Ninja Warrior style features like the Salmon Ladder, Cannonball Alley, Unstable Bridge, Ring Toss, Cliff Hanger, Revolving Pull-up bar, and arch Monkey Bars

STALL BARS - NOVA™ FTS center section feature ideal for bodyweight strength, flexibility, and anchor points for resistance bands.

CLIMBER BARS - NOVA™ FTS center section feature. 4-tiered bars for climbing and bodyweight exercises. Provides high anchor point for climbing ropes and rings as well.

FIXED PULL-UP BAR - NOVA FTS™ center section feature for bodyweight and suspension trainer anchor point 

FREE SLIDING ANCHORS - NOVA FTS™ feature for pillars. Anchor point for training ropes and bands that provides free moving vertical slide and number plate for user feedback.

NOVA™ Patent Pending Free Sliding Fitness Anchor in action with Battle Ropes

The patent pending revolving pull-up bar a fun and challenging way to work grip and upper body strength. Train like a ninja warrior with the awesome never-ending climb challenge!

SLIDING PULL-UP - NOVA™ FTS center section feature for unrestricted pull-up variations with free sliding and rotating handle.

ARCHED MONKEY BAR BRIDGE - NOVA FTS™ bridge feature. Choose the arched bridge or horizontal bridge for climbing and bodyweight exercises.

GRT - Ground Rotational Trainer feature for NOVA FTS™. Choose a single or dual GRT for each pillar 

SUSPENSION HANGERS - NOVA FTS™ feature for dedicated anchor points for suspension trainers and other hanging fitness tools


A custom mobility mat designed for use with the MoveStrong Nova FTS and Stall bars. A high grade commercial mat built for comfort in performing ground exercises, mobility work, and assist with fall protection during exercise. Each mat has etched marking for guides to provide feedback when training.


See It In Action with new NinjaStrong Training Features


Add Ons

MoveStrong designs custom training accessories as well for the NOVA™ FTS. View the many unique accessories in our Online Store