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the movestrong FitGround for outdoor exercise

Extend your outdoor play and fitness experience

The Outside Exercise Possibilities Are Endless with movestrong and fitground

Specifically engineered for outdoor use, these fitness products are completely customizable to create an outdoor functional fitness playground for any size space.  The FitGround is combination of MoveStrong outdoor products ideal for recreation centers, health clubs, schools, military and athletic facilities. 


Download our PDF FitGround brochure for more details and to see many options available. 

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Inquire about new or additional outdoor fitness products to meet your needs. 

HERE IS A LIST OF CURRENT FITGROUND EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE: Click the links below for more pictures and videos of each FitGround Station.

T-Rex Fitness Station     with limitless configuration options

T-Rex Fitness Station with limitless configuration options

Zig Zag Balance Beam   two different lengths

Zig Zag Balance Beam two different lengths

Plyo Step   12”, 18”, 24”

Plyo Step 12”, 18”, 24”

Push Up Bars   with varied height and grips

Push Up Bars with varied height and grips

Parallel bars   in varied styles and height

Parallel bars in varied styles and height

Drive Sled   for year round indoor and outdoor use

Drive Sled for year round indoor and outdoor use

Outdoor SledgeBell

Outdoor SledgeBell

Low Angle Cargo Net

Low Angle Cargo Net

Elite Parallel Bars


FitGround Overview


MoveStrong FitGround outdoor functional fitness training stations. Use with the MoveStrong T-Rex FTS to create the ultimate outdoor functional fitness training playground.


Customize and build a FitGround to fit your space and training needs. Watch our video above to see how it all comes together and video below to see the FitGround in action!

Trex outdoor fitness station

Customized Design & Layout Services

For Your MoveStrong FitGround

  • Let our team assist with design and layout based on space and needs
  • Surfacing recommendations for a safe and enjoyable FitGround
  • Inquire about specific delivery and installation needs 
  • Standard in-ground anchoring for all products. Hard surface mount also available as option. 
Design support to create the ideal outdoor functional fitness area to fit the size and training options needed

Design support to create the ideal outdoor functional fitness area to fit the size and training options needed

See the different FitGround equipment options in action here. Customize with the pieces you choose to build the ultimate outdoor Functional Fitness playground!

Elite Parallel bars with different handle features to perform many upper and lower body exercises.

Over Under Logs. Three different heights to our Over/Under logs designed for agility and bodyweight exercises.

Cargonet frame for functional fitness, climbing, bodyweight, and obstacle course training. Includes optional rope climb stations as well.

Low height parallel bars for upper and lower body exercises.

Zig-Zag Balance Beam designed for balance, agility, and bodyweight exercises.

Plyo Step Station. Three different heights for the Plyo step-up platforms for bodyweight exercises.

Push-up and Inverted Row Bars. Multi grip positions and different height bars for push-ups and inverted rows.